Occupy Boston volunteers struggle with safety

8 11 2011

With the perception of escalating criminal activity at Occupy Boston, camp residents and activists struggle to maintain safety at Dewey Square in Boston, Massachusetts.  Police work overtime to monitor the security of the area, and have made arrests of dealers selling heroin and cocaine at South Station and at Dewey Square.  However, Occupy Boston residents and activists avoid cooperation and coordination of activities with law enforcement.  Instead, they rely on their own volunteer groups to monitor those who use drugs in the tents and those who return to the camp high and intoxicated. Read the rest of this entry »



2 07 2011

Dress travels in backpack,
Soaring in overhead bins
Of airplanes bound to Dallas,
For family visit in June.
Navy blue Dress
Carries a bouquet
Of gray flower prints.
Pleasant & lovely,
Dress fulfills all needs.
She rides bikes &
Evades greasy chains.
Her cotton fabric
Breathes humid air,
Wicks sweat,
Blocks sun rays.
She sips tea &
Absorbs green stains.
She walks collies &
Dodges muddy paws.
Her modest shapes of
Hemmed sleeves
Hug shoulders,
Button-down collar
Conceal clavicles &
Knee-length skirt
Drapes thighs.
She prays at synagogue &
Observes devout laws.
Versatile & resourceful,
Dress holds good intentions &
Plans to join Girl to
Stepbrother’s highschool graduation.
Dress cannot imagine
Impending consternation.
Father orders Daughter —
Poor communication —
Change Dress or else
Destroy family relations.
Daughter defends Dress
Without hesitation
As her choice represents
Freedom of expression.
Father curses
Defiant contravention &
Tells Daughter,
Go to hell,
For the provocation.
Dress never before met
Such aggravation.
Tut tut, say observers
Of unfortunate situation.
Dress quivers as
Threads unravel,
Button eyes cry,
Sleeves blow noses,
Hems tear,
Pockets empty lint.
Departing Texas,
Dress feels tainted with
Family Dysfunction.
Back in Boston closet,
Dress hangs lonely,
Stares at suitcase of
Emotional baggage,
Coughs mothballs of regret,
Unthreads self-esteem.
Girl perceives Dress
As a reminder of Distress.
She contemplates donation or
Consignment no less,
As Benjamin Franklin
Offers remedy to frustration.

Jury duty

22 06 2011

Jurors not authorized to leave room.
Police officer monitors phone.
Sticker badge assigns me twenty-eight
Waiting, I wash and eat purple grapes.
All stand and rise for honorable,
Wonder about case ponderable.
Judge asks us dutiful citizenry
If we hold bias against battery.
Jurors who claim objectivity
Satisfy lawyers through honesty.
Enter gate to shiny olive seat,
Raise right hand for oath before debate.
Clerk stutters and mumbles words unclearly,
I look confused so Judge dismisses me.


19 06 2011

airborne ankles spin
breakdance soles bruise plum-purple
toes bubble blisters


19 06 2011

jelly bellies roll
smushed soles bruise purple as plums
hips juggle sweat drops

weakest link

16 06 2011

Casual remark snubs
Manager who blames
Supervisor who accuses
Employee who defends
Stubborn pride.
Accidental liars ignore
Reason to apologize.
Island survivors vote
Weakest link:
Declare with no care to explain,
Order not return here again,
Lure sinker of embarrassed shame,
Burn brand new, unworn uniform,
Ignite red lettered name in flame,
Surprised to feel so little pain.
For decisions immutable,
Acceptance more honorable
Than crying uncomfortable,
Bummer to be so dispensable,
When let go, simply say OK.

indoor street hockey

14 06 2011

Indoor street hockey
Players storm unfair referee:
Sticks swing up too high,
Give players five-second timeout!
Goalies cannot score,
Uneven teams, three vs. four!
Skills out of balance,
Wiffle balls all roll out-of-bounds!
Ref abruptly quits,
Friendly rivals enforce rule, strict,
Keep sticks low to floor.
Street players switch to sketch sidewalks,
Rosy chalk sticks dust
Princess with most pink cheeks ever.

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